“If you want to experience MASSIVE upgrades and shift into higher and higher timelines in your personal AND business life - work with Alex!

In a few short months everything changed for me. My business expanded rapidly, needing to grow my team in order to sustain the influx of soul-aligned clients that were effortlessly flowing into my field.

A passion project of mine to redefine womanhood was sitting stagnant for years only to be fully activated and unfolding beautifully and effortlessly now.

My channeling abilities and connection with my star family have amplified, benefiting my personal life and relationships beyond measure.

I have never felt more confident, sure, and certain of myself, my soul mission, and where I’m headed - in my entire life! 

Alex is always and only ever 100% authentic and genuine. A true wizard and multidimensional being. His abilities to shift rapidly in his own ascension journey have given me permission to follow suit - and I couldn’t be more grateful and excited!

Thank you Alex, you will forever be a galactic legend in my books!”

Samantha Sanford
Soulful Communications | Quantum Business Manager



"Creating with Alex has been LIFE-CHANGING! It has transformed so much I don’t even know where to begin or how to express it. Transformational in so many areas.
Even though I had come quite far on my journey and was already in a really good place he raised me to a whole nother level and a new consciousness. A higher consciousness of love, creation and abundance, with no limits. 

He expanded me and my perspective of the universe and this life and helped me with strengthening my intuition and my connection to the divine, improving relationships, setting healthy boundaries, shifting perspectives, shifting into higher timelines and so much more. 

His wisdom and guidance is mind blowing and feels so right!! It’s clear that it comes from higher dimensions, his energy and impact is super strong. 

Thanks to Alex I now truly know that ANYTHING is possible and I am more in love and excited about my life than ever before!

I am forever grateful and would recommend him to anyone who’s ready to transform their lives and is ready to shift consciousness fast!!"

Erica Nylander

CEO, Creator, Speaker, 
Create With Erica


"Working with Alex has truly transformed me in so many ways.


While plant medicine opened the door for me to peek into the possibility of a truly fulfilling dream life, I still needed the direction to walk through that door and on to the right path to making it my reality - Alex has become my quantum GPS in this journey.


Despite “doing the work” on my own, I still struggled (as many women do) with deep-seated issues around low self confidence, body image, emotionally unavailable men and being treated poorly in relationships, workaholism, and the subconscious traumas I hadn’t realized were still directly blocking me.


My work with Alex not only removed these in ways that plant medicine, meditation, neurofeedback, positive journaling, and any number of self-improvement tactics had chipped at but hadn’t been able to fully uncover and dissolve - but did it FAST.


Whenever we have a session, I am amazed at the immediacy with which Alex drops me in, clears any limiting beliefs, and brings me back home to myself (including a healthy dose of humor and love). It also doesn’t matter whether we are in person or halfway around the world, the energy field we tap into transcends all geography. Whenever I get triggered or down - which happens so much less than before this work- it usually only takes a single text message from Alex or 30 seconds on the phone for me to release whatever was weighing on me and step back into my power and my joy - I almost can’t even remember why something had gotten me down to begin with.


For the first time in my life, I can now confidently say that I am an empowered goddess fully embodied in my power, living my purpose in flow and spreading my light and love continuously to the world in the process!"

Jocelyn Miller

Director of Operations, Centner Academy


"Working with Alex is a true privilege.  

As an entrepreneur, I make use of his tools in order accelerate my professional career, as well as using it in order to be a more mindful, conscious and happy individual. By reframing my relationship around money, I am now attracting higher paying clients 

Below you can see the tangible changes that have happened since working with Alex:


By reframing my relationship around money, I am now attracting higher paying clients and went from charging 500€/ hour for my consulting services to charging 1,500€/hour. Clients paying the higher price point are happier, more appreciative and gain more value from the consulting.


With my agency, we signed 5 new impactful partnerships within a timeframe of 2 months after the coaching. Partnerships in which the client appreciates our work. The climate within the agency became effortless, smooth and stress-free.


I am able to create deep and meaningful connections, as I am now able to feel the energetic state of other human beings. People that do not accept, support and recognise the royalty within me are no longer a part of my life. I am now surrounded with high frequency and high vibration people that live life to the fullest.


I was able to let go of belief-systems that did no longer serve me. I have discovered a new and deeper level of of self-love. A level that allows me to fully accept and embrace myself as the human I am.

All in all, I am on a journey of of living a stress-free, effortless and beautiful life. A life that is no longer driven by fear but by love. I am happy to truthfully say that I allocate a huge part of this transformation to Alex’s beautiful work and can only highly recommend working with him."

Arian Ney


Founder and CEO of Avonemedia


"Alex is a guiding light. I met him synchronistically and feel blessed to have this powerful being as a teacher and a friend. He has helped me reframe long-held beliefs about myself and about the world with ease and grace; he holds an incredibly safe space for you to share your most vulnerable self; and if you’re like me and have struggled to show up fully around men for fear of abandonment, Alex’s energy alone can help shift that in dramatic ways.  


He has helped me to cultivate a stronger sense of self and self-love, something that I knew I needed to work on but didn’t understand how. Alex showed up with the how - by holding me accountable and walking with me through key moments where my conditioned instinct would’ve been to run, retreat or resist.


One thing I learned about Alex really early on is that he integrates new beliefs at quantum-speed. One of his core philosophies is ‘if it’s not serving you, let it go’ and through his quantum energy work, he enables you to do just that - shed fears and reprogram your mind at the cellular level.


He is highly intuitive, his wisdom has brought me to a whole new level of awareness and his ability to manifest is something akin to magic.


Alex was born to guide and I am eternally grateful for the gifts he has enabled me to receive."

Natasha Lyubic


Business Marketing Consultant and Intuitive Guide


"If I were to represent my wheel of life as Health, Relationships, Career, Spirituality and Fun & Magic, Alex has upgraded and enriched each of these areas quickly and effortlessly. I went from confusion and feeling stuck to not only masterfully embodying freedom and lightness in my day to day, but actually unlocking deep levels of intuitive abilities where I now feel guided all the time. I have literally tapped into magic. 


His content is rich with inspiration, it excited me and provided me with a deep knowledge and understanding of myself and how I was interacting with my environment and the world. In parallel, through his quantum work Alex helped me actually embody the concepts he explained, integrating body, mind, and Soul!

I have learnt, I have grown, I have lived and I have loved in new and elevated ways. My heart and soul feel nourished, my mind feels expansive.


If you want to gain clarity, precision, and unparalleled awareness and embodiment of your creator abilities, Alex will guide you to a place of absolute clarity and you will find real purpose in your life.

I thank Alex for his guidance and mentorship delivered with such Love and Grace."

Haider Rathor

Ascension Coach