• AlexM


I was in the middle of the 1 hour flight from Berlin to Zurich speaking to my business partner about his birthday the following day.

My jaw dropped when he said he wasn’t doing anything…

And then he shared what would in hindsight become one of the key puzzle pieces in the re-design of my life:

“I love myself every day. I do all the things and only the things I want every day. I spend time with the people I love whenever I want. Every day is my birthday!”

At the time, before my deep spiritual journey began, I couldn’t fathom how someone couldn’t be super excited about their birthday.

That was the day to feel special! That was the day to receive gifts effortlessly! That was the day I would feel love!

Well...I have come to learn that we can experience that every day if we know how.

As I reflect on this Christmas period, I realize that it feels exactly like any other day and that I can confidently say “Every day is Christmas!”

In the past, I would at times feel lonely during this time, being away from friends or family, or missing habits and traditions that I associated with holidays.

Rather than enjoying my present moment, no matter where I lived in the world, I would escape back to familiar circumstances and people just to relive moments that were gone forever.

What happens if we simply and deeply appreciate the exact place we’re in, the people we’re around, the abundance we already have…

Maybe we stop running?

Maybe we grow and invest into our current relationships instead of wishing they were like ones in the past?

Maybe we form new connections and do something different, fearlessly exploring what the world has to offer.

It’s easy to say why this year has been hard.

It’s easy to focus on what’s not to love, whether it’s financial, relationship-related, or something else.

But that doesn’t help us be happy.

It creates drama cycles and victim mentality that keep us experiencing life the same way we’ve always been.

The path of the warrior, the student, the master, is to indeed learn to focus on what we DO love, in every moment.

“What’s there to love about this time?”

Indeed, what IS there to love?

Can you treat it like a puzzle where you intentionally find and focus on the elements to love and appreciate, right now?

“Oooo, I have friends around me who love me and support me!”

“I know I want to grow, and I’m so glad that the Universe is sending me people who can guide me and resources to support my evolution!”

“I have learned SO much this year, I’m definitely a better version of myself now!”

When we consciously and diligently tune into the frequency of love, and CHOOSE to focus on what we love right now…

Well, our life changes very quickly.

We start noticing more magic around us.

We start attracting synchronicities, beautiful interactions with kind-hearted people, and financial opportunities that seem to come out of nowhere.

Suddenly, we’re on a totally different timeline!

Before we know it, every day we are smiling and joyful because we know, deeply, we are on the path of alignment and discovery.

Because we say NO to the people, behaviors, beliefs, and experiences that bring us down.

Because we say YES to all the relationships, opportunities, experiences, and aspects of Self that excite us and fill us with wonder and joy.

Because we finally recognize that we deserve love simply because we ARE.

And every day, every moment, we are indeed, reBORN, to experience the world just a little differently.

For some people, their birthday, or Christmas, are the rare times they feel truly loved and in tune with their beauty.

It can happen a couple times a year…

It can also happen every moment.

What do you choose?

Live your Magic