• AlexM


For missioned souls who know they have a big role to play in this re-calibration of collective consciousness, the quality of freedom carries special meaning in their heart.

That expansive, creative state from which we can express, live, and deeply enjoy our true self.

For some, this means having the time to maintain and expand our health, our relationships with self and everyone around us, to play, to laugh, to think, to pause, to dream.

For others, it is the freedom to afford us the life that we want, full of rich and vibrant experiences, and the ability to share that life with our loved ones generously.

There is also the aspect of having the freedom to create, intimately, vulnerably, from the depths of our Soul, that which we came here to birth, and joyfully witnessing the transformation our creations bring to the world.

And what if in fact…freedom contains ALL of these, and so much more?

What would it mean to you to live a life of true meaning and freedom? To create what you desire, with the people who inspire you, and receive effortlessly and abundantly for your art?

There was a time when I used to think that making a lot of money and flying around in business class would mean freedom.

I achieved that, working for a private Swiss investment office - and I discovered that while I enjoyed the luxury aspects, the work I was doing was not benefitting the world in any way I could directly see. And so I felt uninspired.

I also used to think if I had all the time in the world to relax and stop worrying about paying bills, I would feel free.

Upon moving to Bali and focusing 90% of my time on relaxation and self exploration, I realized that I wasn’t happy simply receiving for myself without giving back to the world.

It took me several years of very deep ascension, abundance, and embodiment work to learn to balance time, money, and creative freedom.

Each one of us has our own unique gifts, through embodying and harnessing which, we radiate a powerful Light for others.

A Light that heals and transforms. Nourishes and invites.

Creating ways to share this light - through transformational programs, beautiful products, coded services - is another important part of the journey to inner freedom.

For we may have the best talents, but if we don’t know how to share them with others, we are depriving the world of receiving our gifts.

And I am excited to share parts of my own journey with you so that you too can activate your timelines of Freedom.

So that you can align to your future self in this coming year, and take powerful action to create the life you know you are here to live.

Which is why I would love to invite you to a free MISSION AND FREEDOM ACTIVATION.

This is a powerful channeled webinar, through which you will:

  • Align to your highest timeline of Mission, Ascension, and Freedom in 2022

  • Connect to and embody your Future Self and receive powerful guidance for creating your dreams

  • Release and dissolve blocks keeping you from stepping into your full potential

  • Receive healing and supportive frequencies of Love so that you can take aligned action with ease and grace

  • And so much more

I am excited to share this transmission with you, to help you step into your power in the new year, and to catalyze focused action towards your creation.

This is my gift to you to help you align, integrate, and structure a clear path towards your future.

A future that I look forward to co-creating with you.

Please register via the button below.

Live your Light Alex