• AlexM


Through years spent in the corporate world successfully climbing the career ladder, I discovered that money and titles did not correlate to happiness.

If anything, the traditional business world often emphasizes sacrificing health, fostering competition, and focuses on money to the exclusion of all else.

Being someone who was primarily driven by making a positive impact on the world while maintaining integrity and balance, I was faced with a dilemma.

How could I prioritize my mission of wanting to leave the world a better place without sacrificing freedom and experiencing the best of what this world could offer?

It took me time to accept the answer, because it was not comfortable to the part of me that was hoping for an easy way out.

It meant taking responsibility for what I wanted and recognizing that no one else was going to offer it to me on a silver platter.

I realized that I would need to create my own business and instill into it the very frequencies I yearned to find in other companies.

So, I decided to say “YES” to the timeline where I

  • Only work on projects and with people who genuinely excite me

  • Prioritize my own life force energy and constantly find ways to experience more joy

  • Leave the world a better, even more beautiful place, than I found it

  • Receive abundantly for doing what I love and share that generously with others

Almost immediately I met powerful mentors and went on a transformational journey of constant shifts to bring this timeline into reality.

And the end result?

I was able to rapidly create and launch a six-figure coaching business in less than 12 months, while working 75% less than what I was working in corporate.

The people I called in to work with me are all incredibly kind, talented, generous, and powerful.

And the best part…

I have been able to bring in my Soul values of Mission, Love, Freedom, Abundance, and Evolution into EVERY ASPECT OF MY BUSINESS & MISSION.

Which means, everything I do around my business feels like play, creation, integrity, and joy. It is in alignment with who I am.

This is a new, Soul-aligned way of using business as a vehicle for Mission.

Where Sales, Marketing, Product Creation, Pricing, Launches - are all from the frequency of Service, and the practical execution is 100% channeled.

What unlocks through combining our natural intuitive abilities and the structure of Missioned business is incredible.

I consider myself very fortunate to have been able to learn this and put it into practice to anchor a new way of abundantly expressing myself.

Through aligning frequency with strategy, we discover a powerful mechanism for creating a freedom-based lifestyle that transforms and empowers others.

If you know you are here to embody and share your gifts with the world, and want to discover and anchor a structure of bringing that to reality…

I invite you on a very special journey.

I have been guided over the last couple of months to create a powerful new container, called the Leaders of Light.

This is the first time I will be sharing multi-D business codes, so it feels vulnerable for me.

However I recognize that I am here to activate and empower leaders who are ready to receive and put this into use in their own businesses, for reaching more beautiful Souls around the world.

I trust that through sharing all that I have learned and embodied in my own Missioned Business journey, more Leaders can truly harness their Light and have the structure and frequency in place to influence and guide others from a place of love.

And throughout the 12 month journey that starts in January 2022, I will be guiding you through a transformation to help you:

  • Deepen your channeling abilities, confidence, and embodiment so that you can step into your highest version of multi-dimensional leadership

  • Learn how to inject your Soul frequency into all aspects of your Missioned business so that you call in soul mate clients who are excited to receive from you

  • Access new levels of freedom and abundance so that you can live a life of health, meaning, and impact and truly enjoy all that the material world offers

  • Balance your ascension, business, and artistry journeys so that you grow even faster in every area of life

  • And much more

You will have a private FB group for support in between sessions and I will be doing work on your field for 12 months to help you integrate everything super fast. And of course beautiful surprises along the way :).

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Live your Light Alex