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If you’ve ever wondered how to integrate at quantum speed, and to make your ceremonial experiences count even more towards your evolution, this is for you :)

I have met a number of people in recent years who go from ceremony to ceremony, with various plant medicines, largely because they value the feeling of clarity, presence, and connection that they experience afterwards. .

That feeling unfortunately doesn’t last - not unless we’re ready to work and change our habits one by one.

Plant medicine is a beautiful instrument to show us areas where we could be living and behaving differently, but we then get to do the work.

Awareness alone is not enough.

We get to integrate and apply all the medicine shows us. And this can be challenging.

What is “doing the work”?

It’s using our newfound awareness to, in the moment, make different choices, and form new neural pathways in our brain, and then anchoring them, over, and over in order to embody the change.

There is a way to make this process super simple, and after sharing it with many clients and seeing their growth skyrocket, I’d love to share it with you.

One of the key frequencies to zero in on, and lock into our body is surrender. And this frequency is very present with plant medicine.

During ceremony, we distinctly realize that we may not understand what is happening in the moment but that inevitably and magically, the experience unfolds to reveal exactly what we needed.

And your ability to trust that process and play along with it allows us to have a beautiful and almost effortless ceremony. Fight what’s happening, and the process will suck, guaranteed.

Isn’t this what happens in life?

We are always being guided along on a magically unfolding journey, and we do not need to control the process, nor worry that something will pass us by.

I invite you to try this for an hour today - tune into the feeling of trust and surrender, and imagine what it would feel like if you really knew all that is happening is for your highest good, and that there are no mistakes.

Allow yourself to feel the magic unfolding around you and feel how light and easy the moment instantly becomes.

How would our life be different if we were in this state 100% of the time?

Maybe we wouldn’t pressure ourselves to perform all the time.

Maybe we would allow ourselves to experience pleasure and play more often.

Maybe we’d start treating what happens around us with genuine curiosity.

Maybe we would start enjoying every moment just a bit more.

Try it and let me know how it goes :-)

Live your Magic