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Contrary to what we’re taught in school - where we are evaluated based on knowing the answer, if we want to evolve and ascend in our consciousness, we get to master the opposite.

Forming the right question.

And recognizing it’s not necessarily on us to know the answer.

The most life altering questions are the ones we actually don’t know the answer to right away - because they put us into a state of openness and curiosity.

A state where we can receive new information.

When we think we know something 100%, we are no longer open to new experience and information.

To be fair, this isn’t as simple as it can sound at first glance.

I’ve spent years being terrified of asking questions.

It’s this debilitating limbo state where my heart would know the answer for months, maybe years, and yet the ego would resist change.

So I would construct elaborate scenarios to try and convince myself that I was in alignment.

This changed one winter morning as I was on the train to the airport in Vienna, after another argument with my partner.

I felt so exhausted, anxious, scared, and angry that my nervous system overloaded, and in a brief moment of clarity, this knowing came in…

“If I continue like this, I will get cancer”

The thought scared the shit out of me and triggered an ancient and previously dormant spiritual immune system that went…

“This state is no longer acceptable. Change! Now!”

And I asked myself the question I dreaded asking for a long time: “What if this relationship isn’t healthy or good for me anymore?”

Waves of energy were released and tears flowed down my face as the Austrian countryside sped by in the window.

I already knew the answer, but finally facing the question helped me take action and consider possibilities I previously shoved far far away into the darkest recesses of my mind.

After ending that relationship, I vowed to myself one thing…

That I would tirelessly and incessantly pursue radical self honesty, and as soon as I recognized misalignment, I would allow the space to ask myself difficult questions…

And make instant changes if required.

And let me tell you, this took massive courage.

“What if building a business isn’t in my highest good at this time?”

“What if the career I spent the last 10 years building is no longer aligned?”

“What if I’m no longer meant to be living in this house/city/country?”

“What if being a coach is not aligned for me?”

Each time, I would step into the unknown and allow the truth to come out, to either unlock new layers of commitment to my path or to accept that change was necessary.

And each time, I would come closer to Soul alignment.

It’s key to treat each change with joy rather than viewing it as a failure or error in judgment for following a certain path up until that point.

What we need to know is that these pulls from the heart, these pulses of our inner guidance system, can only lead us to MORE happiness.

Our Soul will not guide us to misery.

Now, if we DON’T ask the questions or take aligned action...we increase inner tension.

As we accumulate tension from a string of misaligned relationships and situations and ignore the signs, we inch closer and closer to chronic and increasingly dire health outcomes.

Less tension = more alignment = more joy = more health.

So ask the question...it may save your life.

This isn’t for the faint hearted...but for those who choose to live a life of FREEDOM, asking constant questions, from a place of genuine curiosity, is a MUST.

The more we believe we know or are masterful at something, the higher the likelihood we get to put that to the question.

This exact technique is what opens up the door to the quantum field, nonlinearity, intuitive abilities, and magic beyond our imagination.

Not to mention a healthy dose of humility.

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Live your Magic