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What does the concept of “Mission” mean for you? How connected are you to your Mission and what does it mean on a practical level in your day to day life?

I’ve seen my own relationship with Mission evolve over the years.

There have been five phases so far:

Phase 1: I would see entrepreneurs and artists talk about being on a mission, but for the life of me I could not understand how they could prioritize that over money and stability.

Phase 2: I realized that money didn’t make me happy on its own, and began to optimize for happiness and sharing that joy with others through my work, using my 3D education and skills.

Phase 3: I realized I could no longer work for others, and that in some way, I wanted to be a part of the altered state economy, bringing more consciousness to the world. And I knew I didn’t yet have the awareness and embodiment level to do what I want.

Phase 4: After a LOT of exploration, ego deaths, mentors, travels, and surrender, I was able to own that I have gifts to offer the world, and to create content and programs to share my journey with others.

Phase 5: Where I am now. Where I know I am here to anchor new templates of Multi Dimensional Business, Abundance, Leadership, Artistry, and Rapid Ascension, in this world, and I am constantly and deliberately evolving the vehicles through which this self expression flows through me.

And I know there will be further expansions down the line.

Why am I sharing this with you?

To offer a shift from “Mission as a destination” to “Mission as a path”.

Because for me, the recognition of the JOURNEY that I have taken in my Mission, has brought with it a lot more grace, flow, and enjoyment along the way, without the need to instantly know all there is.

That every discovery and shift is part of the process, and that my part in this divine unfolding was simple:

To walk the path.

To know that the ways I serve the world evolves, and there will be times to let go of what I have gotten comfortable with, and create anew.

We can wonder “What is it that I’m meant to do?”...OR

We can start listening to our excitement day by day, allow ourselves to take action, even if it is illogical, towards that excitement, and trust that it will lead us to the most incredible and vibrant experience of life.

If you KNOW you are to be a part of the shift happening on the planet right now, that you have beautiful gifts to share, even if you don’t know what they are fully yet…

I invite you to take the journey.

The journey of exploration. Of upgrading your leadership, abundance, and multi-dimensionality.

Trust and know that what excites and motivates you today may shift tomorrow, and your flexibility in this will make for a much more graceful and easy process.

And it will be beautiful exactly how it unfolds for you.

To help you step into the next levels of this path, I am inviting you to a powerful seminar and activation.

Through this free MISSION AND FREEDOM ACTIVATION, you will:

  • Align to your highest timeline of Mission, Ascension, and Freedom in 2022

  • Connect to and embody your Future Self and receive powerful guidance for creating your dreams

  • Release and dissolve blocks keeping you from stepping into your full potential

  • Receive healing and supportive frequencies of Love so that you can take aligned action with ease and grace

  • And so much more

This is my gift to you to help you align, integrate, and structure a clear path towards your future.

A future that I look forward to co-creating with you.

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Live your Light Alex