I have always been a shapeshifter, changing myself and reality as soon as I felt called to.

I would experience something that I loved and I would make sure I had more of that.

If it was something that challenged me, I would immediately find ways to change myself, the situation, or something to allow for an opportunity where this same event did not happen. At least not the same way.

I was very lucky to have this coding throughout my life.

It allowed me to constantly transform myself, at RAPID speed, to keep aligning to my dreams.

It was kind of a running joke with my friends in business school - they knew that if I walked up to them on a Wednesday and casually said “Hey, want to go to Portugal and Japan?” Friday I’d have my tickets and the itinerary planned day by day.

This quality of self-leadership helped me mold and shape my life to what I want very fast.

It wasn’t until much later in life that I realized some people WANT to do this but don’t know how.

A friend: “You live in Bali! That’s amazing, I wish I could visit”

Me: “ have a computer, you have this magical tool called the internet, what’s stopping you from buying a ticket in the next 5 minutes?”

Friend: [insert excuses here, usually something around work or vacation or money]

Or this scenario:

Friend: “I really want to learn how to follow my dreams and leave this job that I hate”

Me: “Love this! What is one action you’ve taken in the last 12 months to further this?”

Friend: [blank stare]

Or this:

Friend: “I don’t like my relationship, my boyfriend treats me poorly, I feel stifled and am not pursuing my dreams.”

Me: “Ok...why are you in it?” Friend: “Oh but it will get better, sometimes we have a nice morning together”

Me: [blank stare]

I did not understand at ALL. How could someone know what they want but not do anything about it??

Later, as I worked through limiting beliefs, activated my quantum creator abilities, harnessed my intuition, etc. I encountered and transmuted my own versions of blocks.

I saw and FELT what it’s like to want to do something logically, but subconsciously sabotage it in order to stay comfortable, to stay in the “safe zone”.

It dawned on me that there are certain abilities we must train and wire into our body and mind SO that we can truly exercise FREE WILL.

This means MASTERING our subconscious.

There is the ability to surrender into death.

The ability to take aligned action immediately when faced with resonant guidance.

The ability to walk through fear in a way that allows you to stay balanced.

The ability to structure your energetic boundaries to harness your energy.

With those (and quite a few others) we become EMPOWERED, BADASS CREATORS who walk through walls to create the life we want.

We know what we want, we take full responsibility for our desires, and in truth - we know there is no wall. We create a portal to wherever the fuck we want.

I recently ran a FREE GALACTIC MASTERCLASS to share these tools with you.

The same tools that I have shared with my clients - and watched them shift their lives so fast, they don’t even remember their original challenges an hour later.

In the Masterclass, you will:

  • Receive and lock in powerful QUANTUM TOOLS to shift your life FAST

  • SHIFT into your next highest timeline of FREEDOM and CREATION so that you feel empowered to live the life you want

  • Learn to CODE your REALITY with every word to re-program your subconscious at quantum speed

  • DEEPEN and FEEL your connection to your inner MASTER so that you can more easily take aligned action

  • And MORE

These topics and activations are all from my Limitless Creator Mastermind, and you get to experience the same work as my clients.

Why is this free? Because I am here to code the planet with the frequency of FREEDOM and CREATION.

Because this is my way of creating the world that I want to live in. I also know that those Souls who want to master these concepts and truly activate their potential, will follow up and work with me when they’re ready.

Please find the activation here.

Enjoy <3

Live your Magic


PS. Please share this activation with those you love so they too can activate their potential and join you in creating the life you dream of.