• AlexM


For those of us who are devoted to our evolution and who want to make a big difference in this world, the question of balance between alignment and actions arises.

On one hand we have the high-achiever qualities of working hard, pushing through discomfort, and being productive.

On the other, the aspects of feeling good, relaxed, and enjoying ourselves moment to moment.

I’ve noticed in my own journey and from working with clients around the world that there is often a dis-balance here.

Many of us came from societal structures and high-performance environments where there was a lot of focus on taking action.

Get the grades, the job, the relationship, the house, the family, etc.

Unfortunately this often leads to taking action without pause to wonder “Do I even want this?” or “Is this still aligned for me?”

In spiritual circles I have witnessed the opposite play out.

“I’m manifesting my dream life” is a popular phrase, but when asked “Ok, great, so what are you actually doing to get there?”, the result is sometimes a blank stare.

The truth is, unless we take action, in the physical world, or 3D as some would call it, we’re unlikely to ever shift into the freedom, the abundance, the love that we want to experience.

Without deliberate alignment, we tend to move in circles, following someone else’s values and beliefs, and life tends to lack meaning and joy.

Without actions, we fly around in dreams, while in our day-to-day we can’t afford to live how we truly want and feel anger and disappointment at ourselves for not having manifested what we so diligently visualize in meditation.

It takes both.

So how do we get to a place where we know what to do and can easily do it?

In my experience, it starts with alignment and allowing ourselves to feel what we feel (yes, not just the positive “high vibe” stuff), dream as big as we dare, and the courage to then take one small step.

And there is a simple shift in perspective that has helped me create and launch a powerful business, build outstanding relationships, all while traveling the world and going on a rapid ascension journey.

That shift was to CRAFT my alignment, in the moment, rather than wait for external events to happen to take action.

Over the years, I have honed my ability to constantly ask myself where I could feel even more in alignment, and immediately follow that with action.

I share this with you because asking yourself the right questions could help you break through, right now.

I invite you to tune into questions like:

“Am I happy with where I am financially? What would need to change for me to be thrilled?” “Am I creating what I feel excited to create and share with the world?” “Do I feel I am expressing my true self and living my potential in my line of work?”

I suspect for many, there is a delta, if only because for those who are powerful creators with ambitious visions, there is ALWAYS room for expansion.

The next question, and perhaps the most important one is “What am I willing to do today that gets me closer to where I want?”

In my life, sometimes that action was asking for help - when I didn’t know what to do.

When I did know, and felt I needed training - I went and found the best mentors in the world and created ways to work with them.

And when I felt I was already skilled enough and knew what to do, I simply allowed myself to start from a blank canvas and create anew.

I trust this serves you on your journey and helps you embody more of who you truly are.

Live your Light Alex

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