What happens when you mix an ancient culture, a strict religious regime, and 5 powerful AF quantum wizards?

You get a Quantum Indiana Jones. And also lots of activations, selfies, and upgrades.

We quickly encountered an interesting dilemma around ancient sites in Egypt - there were a LOT of peddlers trying to sell us something (i.e. distraction from mission).

And most notably, there were guards in every temple walking around preventing people from meditating or even closing their eyes.

Why? We’ll leave that for another discussion.

The important part was we had a mission to connect with the temples and pay our respects so that we can carry the frequencies of consciousness activation into the world.

And through a CONSCIOUS DECISION that this is the reality we are in - the surroundings melded to meet us.

We manifested an incredible guide who was able to arrange for us private time at the most powerful altars and ceremony rooms where we could connect, feel, and sing with the ancients.

We were able to smile and ignore the hundreds of distractions to calmly center on our mission.

All this because we simply chose our frequency instead of getting involved in the turmoil around us.

This applies to the world at large at the moment - despite the lockdowns, the border closures, the visas - where you want to go, when it is in alignment with your Soul, you will create a gateway for your dream to manifest.

Keep dreaming, live from the heart, and take courageous action.

Know that you are the creator of your life, not external circumstances.

Play all out.

Live your Magic Alex

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