• AlexM


Why do we travel to sacred sites, work with mentors, and build communities of powerful co-creators?

In part - because this amplifies what we are able to accomplish during our lifetime and how much of our potential we unlock and embody.

Have you ever witnessed a person showing up super abundantly, or kindly, or generously and wonder - “how do I do that?”

By consciously choosing your environment and whom you are surrounded by, you can literally copy-paste those frequencies into your field, embody them, and live from that state going forward.

This means we are attuning to what is around us, downloading what we like, and then through focus, willpower, and decisiveness live from that frequency.

Every place we visit, every person we meet, every mentor or teacher we learn from, all embody and radiate certain frequencies.

And anytime we come into contact with them, an energetic exchange of those frequencies occurs.

And if we are really conscious of this, we can purposefully travel to sacred locations and choose whom we interact with to activate specific aspects of our multidimensional selves.

So as an example, even if you haven’t visited Egypt - you now get to receive the sacred frequencies that I carry in my field from having spent time co-creating with the ancient temples in that land.

This is also why I am constantly working with powerful mentors who have embodied the wisdom I want to explore.

Whether it’s working with mentors who allow me to embody their energetic upgrades and technologies from different star races, higher frequencies of love and abundance from higher dimensions, or ancient wisdom and practices from sacred lands they’ve visited, I’m able to rapidly upgrade the frequencies I embody, and then in turn, I get to share them with you.

This is the beauty of co-creation along our ascension path - through surrounding ourselves with others who have embodied aspects we aspire to, and spending time around them, we get to evolve FAST while sharing everything that we have picked up along our Soul’s travels.

From the ancient regions of Egypt, I send you the frequencies of all the Egyptian masters that have come before us, and the places they have blessed.

And if you resonate with unlocking precision, speed, and amplifying your ascension - I invite you to join me and a community of powerful Souls in the Limitless Creator Mastermind.

Through our co-creation we will unleash your potential to unparalleled levels so that you can embody your Mission with abundance and ease. Please book a chat with me to learn more.

Live your Magic Alex