• AlexM


Calling in all the heart-led Leaders, the consciousness Explorers, the aspiring Creators!

Those who yearn to REMEMBER the mysticism, the magic, and freedom that we all are.

Those who have insatiable CURIOSITY to explore their full potential and understand how reality works.

Those who know they are here to play a role in helping humanity ascend, through their own unique MAGIC.

Those who are deeply devoted to their personal evolution and ascension and who believe growth can be fun and graceful.

Those who want to create their dream world from a place of FREEDOM and JOY, without hustle or struggle.

Those who want to gain surgical precision and structure in their energy field and consciousness.

Those who want to become wizards of their reality and enter into unprecedented states of flow, intuition, and synchronicity.

Those who want to once and for all shift out of limiting beliefs and create their own rules for life.

Those who deeply crave to create a loving and nurturing tribe of conscious creators around the world all driven by their heart and passion.

As we go deeper in our path of consciousness, we attune to the frequency of our Soul, our Star Families, and naturally radiate the love we wish to see around us.

Through co-creating with our Soul, our Galactic Team, Light Councils, Ascended Masters, and the Angelic Realm we are able to harness technology to accelerate our own ascension and that of the world.

The opportunity that lies in front of us is to de-code Matrix programming, master our consciousness, and hone our higher dimensional creation abilities.

This allows us to intuitively receive guidance daily, to re-direct our energy to manifesting our dreams rather than spending it on deciding what to do.

We naturally become magnets for the incredible people, the mystical experiences, and plentiful synchronicities that make life beautiful.

Through honing our channel we get to receive Soul-aligned visionary projects that fill our entire being with JOY and WONDER.

All of this means we start truly enjoying life - from the smallest breeze of wind to the biggest business deal.

We create and precisely design our reality from the quantum field and joyfully witness it manifest in 3D physical reality with ease and grace.

We become master communicators with ourselves, our loved ones, the Universe, and our Star Families & Galactic Team.

We begin to exist in a permanent state of flow, in tune with our Soul’s desires, thriving in any situation we create.

To all who resonate with this, who are filled with joy, wonder, and curiosity from these words, I invite you to join me in the Limitless Creator Mastermind, starting in January.

So that together we can shift you into your dreams and unlock your Creator potential.

We will be having bi-weekly online seminars and coaching sessions to transmute any consciousness blocks in your field and to help you quickly embody the aspect of self from the future timelines you dream of tapping into.

You will have constant support through your private group on FB and a badass tribe of other conscious powerful beings on this journey with you - helping you create a new circle of friends who all love you, support you, and are going through the same transformation as you.

For the galactically inclined, throughout the 12 month co-created quantum container, me and my Galactic Team, consisting of the Arcturian Council of Light, the Sirian Council of Light, the Andromedan Council of Light, the Lyran Council of Light, the Pleiadian Council of Light, the Venusian Council of Light, the Blue Avians, the Dragon Realm, the Angelic Realm, and the 12D Ascended Master Realm, will be doing constant energy upgrades in your field to RAPIDLY shift you into the reality you desire.

If you don’t know what the above is, not to worry, it’s quantum-speak for you have an EXTREMELY POWERFUL team working on you 24/7.

By the end of the Mastermind you will be co-creating with them yourself :)

The curriculum is split into 4 terms to assist with your fast ascension and embodiment process:

Illusion Collapse

  • De-coding false Matrix Templates to shift out of ancient patterns keeping us from our full Creator potential

  • Installing Infinite Reality Templates to enable a limitless perspective and anchoring the ability to thrive in any circumstance

  • Coding yourself for maximum growth and freedom

Consciousness Mastery

  • Mastering your language to precisely create your reality

  • Aligning your energy field to rapidly shift out all not in alignment with your Soul and allowing all that is aligned to effortlessly to come in

  • Training your mind to co-create with your Soul so that you feel balanced and in flow

Timeline Alchemy

  • Attaining Macro and Micro Intuition mastery to enable us to live in flow constantly

  • Activating deep layers of quantum timeline technology to transmute blocks and anchor future timelines

  • Unlocking the next levels of manifestation ability to call in your dreams with finesse

Channeling and Co-Creation

  • Connecting with your Soul frequency, Galactic Team, and Star Councils

  • Unlocking new layers of Quantum healing abilities to instantly shift into and embody forgotten aspects of Self

  • Discovering powerful quantum upgrade tools to design your life for constant quantum shifts

If you have a true desire to master your consciousness to create the life of joy and freedom, filled with magical experiences and synchronicities - please send me a PM so we can chat and see what is most aligned for you.

It is an honor and a privilege to be on your team for this exciting journey of evolution and ascension.

Live your Magic