• AlexM


When being around powerful creators all the time, it’s fairly easy to slip into comparison.

I noticed this on my Egypt trip, where depending on the temple we would go to, each person would experience entirely different things - some physically, some energetically, some emotionally. Enter expectations.

As soon as we start comparing and expecting our experience to go a certain way - we block ourselves from receiving and evolving.

Should I be seeing these visions? How come I’m not feeling the same thing?

Maybe this experience is meant to be more physical, or energetic, or multidimensional…

These expectations prevent us from experiencing what WE need to experience. And can also cause frustration, envy, and not being present.

What does this mean?

It means as soon as we have expectations, we miss out on the UNexpected.

I invite you to tune into where you may be comparing to others - around revenue, channeling sensitivity, speed of growth, etc.

And allow yourself to let go of what you expect and make room for magic.

It’s key to recognize that we always experience exactly what we need, and to learn to attune to the benefit of any experience.

Live your Magic Alex