• AlexM


Have you ever wished you could say a few words, or shut your eyes, or tap your foot three times, and the world would suddenly become fun, filled with meaning, and vibrant with adventure?

I remember growing up and reading fairy tales and stories where mighty wizards would imagine a castle, or a table of food, or a portal would appear.

They would fly on dragons, unlock cool abilities, help entire nations...

I would think “fuck, those guys have an AWESOME life - their life is always an adventure!”

Ok, maybe the curse words weren’t there when I was 8, but they got added later :D

I would lie in bed giddy, well after the lights were turned off, with a flashlight, and consume page after page of magic in far away lands.

And then I would get up at 6am the next morning and go to school.

Where we learned less about wizardry and more about geography and how to do math.

And as I got older, the stark separation between my favorite stories and real life became even more apparent.

In the “real world”, or so the adults called it, imagination doesn’t exist.

In the “real world”, we are told to accept the dreary reality of people looking at their phones more than into each other’s eyes and call that progress.

When I got older and started working in the corporate world, companies would, with a smile on their face, as if they actually believed the shit they were saying, tell me how amazing it is to have 10 days off in a year for vacation.

Where was the adventure? Where was the fun? Where was the magic??

I couldn’t believe that those stories I loved as a child were written to remind us of a life that didn’t exist, only to be used as an escape from reality.

After spending decades on this journey, I discovered something very few people know about.

And even fewer embody and live day to day...

Those stories were real.

Not quite in the way we may expect, but in ways that mirror our ability to create the life we want.

Our thoughts instantly create a reality where what we are imagining exists.

Our feelings, or vibration, get instantly “read” by the Universe and it will create situations and encounters to match what you feel 1:1.

Our words are spells, creating every second.

Through releasing control and learning to balance surrender with structure, left and right brain, our life takes on a magical quality filled with adventure that cannot (and not meant to) be predicted or planned.

Through co-creating with quantum technology, we weave healing spells and open portals to make the mightiest wizard blush.

There is a big underlying principle that MUST be adhered to in order to even have a chance of living this life.

And this is the principle that I invite every soul reading this to meditate on and fully invite into every cell of their being and anchor.

It’s that you are 100% the creator of your reality.

And this means you, and you alone, have responsibility for the life you live and the life you dream of.

Have something we love in our life? Well done, we created it.

Have people who don’t treat us well, jobs we barely tolerate, relationships we feel stuck in? Well done, we created it.

This was NOT easy for me to accept nor understand for a long time.

I changed jobs, I changed girlfriends, I got more degrees, I changed countries.

And each time, I would find myself FEELING THE SAME WAY.

There came a point of surrender and asking “How can I do this differently?”

“Master your subconscious and conscious” was the answer.

The beautiful part is - ONCE we take responsibility and accept ALL parts of our life, we are able to shift it!

We start asking different questions.

We go from “Why isn’t this working?” to “How can I shift this?”

To everyone who dreams of purpose, freedom, magic, adventure, clarity - I salute you!

Keep going and enjoy the journey rather than only focusing on the end result.

I invite you to regularly ask the question of “How I can unlock the next layers of my dreams?”, observe what the Universe responds with, and TAKE ALIGNED ACTION.

I look forward to living in a world where every person is joyfully creating their dream life.

Live your Magic 🧙‍♂️