alex'S STORY


I made an internal decision that I was going to go DEEP into the rabbit hole, and when the time was right, I HAD to make what I learned and the quantum leaps I had taken available to others.  


I went from ceremony to ceremony with shamans, healers, energy workers around the world. I lost count after 100.  


I met an incredibly diverse set of people: flow masters, wizards, professors of consciousness, indigenous elders, billionaires, trance channels, conscious entrepreneurs, oracles, subconscious surgeons. From each I would learn and download information to unpack my consciousness and view of reality.


Yet...who was I to share any of this?


My mentors had been doing this work for decades. Other coaches had huge followings and years of building credibility. And still...I saw how my classmates were in the corporate rat race, switching jobs every 2 years and partners with equal regularity in hopes of attaining happiness and peace.


This told me I was on the right path - I was DEFINITELY out of that loop.  I also saw how drastically and quickly I was able to transform my own and my friends’ lives applying my newfound abilities.  


I made the decision that if there was even one person out there who could benefit from me sharing this information, then I owed it to myself and them to share what I know. To share how to create a reality that is a unique representation of your dreams.


For the first 6 months of my business, I had no clients. And instead of letting this defeat me, I saw that as an opportunity to do even more inner transformation, hone my craft, and to invest even more in my frequency.  


Every day I would have multiple shifts, and I intentionally designed my life to maximize opportunities to “die”, to let go of aspects of ego, only to be reborn with a new view of reality every time.  

Fast forward to now. 


I live in a beautiful villa in Bali overlooking the rice fields and travel the world in comfort.


I spend 50% of my time relaxing and discovering ways to nourish myself. The other 50% I spend building my business with love and passion. Every minute feels light and expansive. 


I feel in flow, at peace, and in genuine wonder at the world around me 90%+ of the time. 


I know exactly why each moment in my life is happening, because I consciously create it. 


I choose how I feel in each moment and am able to thrive irrespective of external circumstances.


I have incredibly talented clients around the world who each day tell me of their newfound magic in their life and excitedly share stories of their dream life coming together as a result of us working together. 


I am the healthiest I’ve ever been in my life, on all levels - physically, emotionally, mentally, energetically. 


I am living my Soul’s purpose and teaching people how to create their reality and truly live a life of meaning, freedom, and joy. 

My family and friends are making shifts in their lives, allowing themselves to dream once again.

My inner circle is full of incredible human beings who are all on this journey of evolution with me, and it is a joy to co-create with them to anchor in higher consciousness on this planet. 


I am living the life of my dreams. 


And to those who are still on this journey, 


Keep going, there are SO many beautiful layers to discover. 


There comes a point where you start growing and evolving out of a desire to expand rather than to only stop the pain. 


You are powerful, you are intuitive, and you can learn to harness your abilities with precision. 


There are people out there who are just like you, who will support you and love you unconditionally. 


You are here to create. 

You are here to play big. 

You are here to change the world.


Live your magic <3


I was sitting on my friend’s couch in his $3,000/month studio, looking out at Manhattan’s skyline. Bleary eyed, clearly exhausted, and a handful of pounds heavier than I remembered him a few months earlier, my friend was excitedly telling me about his job at Goldman Sachs “...and this past month was GREAT, they allowed us to take one Saturday off so I went to the park…” 


The words hit me like a hammer. One Saturday off?? When did it become normal to brag about having one day off in a month? 


My bewilderment grew as I scanned my graduating class at Columbia and realized almost every person I knew worked insane hours in the hopes of “one day making it”. Whatever that meant. 


I was still interviewing at that point, but I very clearly understood - my health and happiness was #1, everything else came a distant second. Somehow that eliminated most job opportunities for an MBA graduate - it was like my views marked me as “lazy” or “unmotivated”. 


In my mind they marked me as the only sane person in the interview room. 


It had to be possible to live differently! 


That it was possible to live a balanced life where love, relationships, adventure, creativity, and abundance were ALL present. Without sacrificing mental, emotional, or physical well being.  


In my heart, I really wanted to make my parents proud and show them that their sacrifice of leaving everything behind to immigrate to America was worth it. That the years of taking jobs way below their education level to support me and my sisters through school were not for nothing. That they really afforded me the chance to live a happy life. 


I really wanted to prove to myself that I could take care of my health, have loving relationships, and see the world without fear of being fired or not being able to afford rent. 


My first attempt at this meant focusing on the same things as other people: career, money, relationship... but being happy while I did it. Turned out it doesn’t quite work that way. 


I found myself living a life that would tick the boxes for many people.


Youngest partner at a venture capital fund investing in wellness, living in Switzerland with a high salary. 


A summa cum laude MBA from Columbia.


In a relationship with a beautiful performing artist. 


Yet the external reality did not match how I felt even remotely.


I was having almost daily anxiety attacks at work and in fear of losing my job. And fear that if I did lose my job I’d be forced to leave Switzerland and be seen as a loser for not making it in finance, in my mind equating to being the laughing stock of my entire network.


I was $280k in debt and worried I’d be enslaved for the rest of my life paying it off. 


I felt alone in my relationship and like every day was a new fight with no resolution. 


I was living half-way around the world from all of my friends and family and terrified to end my relationship because then I’d truly have no one around me. 


What seemed like a perfect life on the outside was a nightmare that I saw no way out of. 


And to my friends and family - the way I felt was totally inconceivable. To them, I’d achieved things many would dream of and that I should do everything in my power to hold onto them at all cost. 


To say I felt stuck would be a huge understatement. 


Luckily, the Universe interceded. 


My girlfriend sent me an article that spoke about a journalist’s experience with ayahuasca. And it set my Soul on fire. 


Despite being skeptical I had a strong gut feeling that I just had to do something different. 


All my prior ways of achieving happiness just didn’t lead me to it and so I felt I owed it to myself to at least try. 


So I took myself to Peru and started my journey of deep self discovery. 


Wow, I had NO idea what I was walking into.


The deeper I went and as my exploration unfolded, I started to notice awakenings and expansions of my consciousness. 


My Wizard codes and gifts were coming online at rapid speed.  


A journey that started with self-love, childhood trauma patterns, and limiting beliefs quickly evolved into quantum healing, timeline shifting, Starseed activation, and psychic abilities. 


As soon as I experienced a healing modality, I was able to discern its algorithm, apply it to myself and get quantum results. 


My life changed DRASTICALLY.


My biggest fears? Most of them came true within 6 months of starting my journey. 


The difference was that it was my choice, a necessary cleansing of all that was not in alignment. And that once I went through them, what unfolded was beyond magical. 


I walked away from my relationship. 


I communicated to my business partners that raising collective consciousness was where I wanted to focus, knowing full well it would mean an end to my job and life in Switzerland. 


I let go of my career and education that I invested 10 years and $350k into. 


I surrendered to the unknown.