alex'S STORY

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I remember sitting in a boardroom, where the CEO of a prominent company had just announced to our team that he was not going to pay us, and that he’s canceling our project.

This was 1 week after I moved back to New York, having packed my things in Switzerland and sent them via freight to the United States.

I remember feeling strangely calm inside, and found a smile forming in my heart, as if a weight had been lifted.

I went to my hotel room, turned on “Eat, Pray, Love” and decided on two things.

One - “I am only going to work for myself going forward”.

And two - “I am moving to Bali”.

In the past, sudden termination would bring me to the brink of despair. It happened many times in my life.

I would tend to, at that point, blame the people who fired me for pushing me around, being unfair, etc.

I now recognize this as divine intervention that I was precisely being pulled out of situations the moment a particular experience had run its course for my evolution.

On that fateful afternoon in New York, I decided I was no longer interested in living a life of fear of losing my job or paycheck, of being subject to the values of others when they were not in resonance with mine…

In short, I took full responsibility for BUILDING my DREAM LIFE, the way I saw it.

So I moved to Bali and my journey of rapid evolution began to unfold at intense speeds.

Within 7 days I met my mentor, and convinced him to be his business manager. He invited me to fly to LA for his quantum retreat, and shortly thereafter I found myself in a giant mansion surrounded by Hollywood and Silicon Valley stars, doing timeline activations.

We went on to travel around the US as I was going through the early stages of my ascension - my abilities were quickly coming online.

I was living in mansions, flying on a private jet, surrounded by Hollywood celebrities, billionaires, shamans, and visionaries.

And those people sought and listened to my advice, which for me at the time, was crazy.

Who was I to share anything with those who accomplished so much?

Over time, as reluctant acceptance of my ancient Soul’s wisdom was settling in, I began to observe that in my field, people started to act differently.

They would change and grow MUCH faster, they would act with decisiveness and precision, create without boundaries, and would connect to their higher selves instantaneously.

Upon coming back to Bali, I knew I wanted to explore my gifts, yet had no idea how.

Coming from the world of traditional business, I knew how NOT to build a company. Hustle, working late hours, focusing only on money was simply not for me.

I knew I couldn’t build a business the way I experienced for 30 years prior. 

The Universe interceded and manifested me two mentors within 1 week of each other.

One, as if by magic, was teaching a handful of aspiring leaders around the world how to combine channeling, business, and abundance. 

The other, whom I work with to this day, would go on to help me shed layer after layer of ego to come into deeper alignment and embodiment of my true Soul purpose. 

And you know what? Without them, I would not have become who I am today. 

I made another decision: “If they believe in me, and I know I am here to leave the world a better place, I don’t care what working together costs - I am willing to give EVERYTHING to be able to fully explore what my gifts are and how to bring that to others, ecologically.”

I wanted to look at myself in the mirror, no matter the outcome - and be able to say “Yes, I went all in, and left nothing on the table.” 

This is self-respect to me. 

Another 9 months later, after DEEP transformation of my frequency, personality, and self-mastery - I launched my first 12 month group program, Limitless Creator.

This was my first group product, and the people who joined were almost exclusively those who followed my journey and knew me personally for 2-3 years prior and saw just how quickly I had changed and built the life I dreamt of. 

They wanted that too. And their trust in me gave me the inspiration and dedication to deliver an incredibly powerful codex of personal ascension.

I intended to craft a FREEDOM business from the start, and through my first launch I generated six figure income and profitability, more so than what I made working in an investment fund in Switzerland, but working 10 hours a week or less. 

90% of that went into investing in myself to become a more powerful and ecological leader and transformational coach. 

Yet ANOTHER 9 months later, I was guided by my business (yes, it’s a dialogue for us), to shift direction and focus my efforts on activating Leaders of Light - who will be anchoring their missions of collective awakening around the world. 

I was guided to start sharing, for the first time, codes for multi dimensional business and abundance, in parallel to personal ascension. 

I share this with you for several reasons.

🔸The 9 month cycle is a theme in nature and in my own personal journey. I invite you to recognize it takes TIME to implement and embody and create a new life, and to have patience with yourself on the journey. Enjoying the day to day steps makes for a more playful evolution.

🔸Each time I made a quantum leap, it was because someone believed in me when I couldn’t believe in myself, and I loved myself enough to invest into my evolution, for the purpose of serving others. I invite you to always and constantly seek out mentors who embody what they teach, live the life you want, and to find ways to learn from them. It will speed up your journey 1000x.

🔸I have CREATED my life, day by day - it was not given to me on a silver platter. I took on self-responsibility, courage, and leadership. You can do this too, simply start asking “How?” and take aligned action. 

🔸What I share changes people’s lives irrevocably. I learned to own that, and invite you to own your gifts as well - “If not you, whom?” “If not now, when?” I invite you to do EVERYTHING in your power to discover your true self, embody it, and to harness that for the highest good of the world.

Looking back, I know I would not be where I am without my teachers. 

Without my courage to step into the unknown due to the unwavering belief that I could create anything I wanted.

Without my undying desire to bring more beauty to this world and to inspire others to do the same. 

Play true. Play BIG, friends. 

The time is now. 

Live your Light,


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